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Webalarms is a hosted platform in SaaS mode that enables alarms to be issued according to pre-programmed escalation and duty roster strategies.

ALERT MODE : SMS, e-mail and voice messages are the methods available for sending notifications. Acknowledgement options depend on the type of communication channel used..

SCHEDULING AND DUTY GROUPS : Each user is assigned his or her own role in the group and is associated with specific sites and alarm categories.

STRATEGY AND ESCALATION : a distinction is made between notifications for information and notifications for action, multiple channels are available for notifications, and automatic escalation kicks in if the alarm is not acknowledged.

Our strengths

  • For just a few euros every year

    A nominal monthly fee with no commitment to a duration

  • Immediate availability

    Access the portal, select your alert levels, organise your schedule and duty groups, then confirm.

  • Alerts on the move

    E-mail, phone, SMS,… impossible during duty periods

  • Cloud Solution

    Webalarms is a cloud-hosted service. There is nothing to install… no need to buy a server.

  • Product documentation is one thing. Contact with our pre-sales team to witness a demonstration of our industrial solutions is another. Contact our services and we will show you how we manage alarm procedures in SaaS mode.

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