Constraints are a thing of the past with the Web I/O SaaS solution

Web I/O

Harnessing connected objects in SaaS mode


OPERATE: Web I/O is a software solution designed to display data collected by connected objects (the IoT market) in easy-to-read presentations. Simplified graphs, metrics and diagrams can be accessed by users on the move. Depending on the operator’s user rights, instructions can be sent to devices to adjust operating methods.

COLLECT: Values such as temperature, level, pressure, speed or metering data are archived and available for comparison, consumption measurement and preventive operations.

AUTHENTICATE: the user profile management capability integrated into Web I/O enables user rights to be issued to the Web I/O solution depending on the personnel assigned to the project and the connected objects under their responsibility.

Our strengths

  • SaaS MODEL

    No need to acquire licences: to gain access to all the functionalities and services offered by Web I/O, customers simply pay a fee to TECHNILOG.


    The platform can be accessed by users on the move, for example via Smartphone, tablet or Web browser.


    One year of on-line data storage: metering, samples, logs and alarms.


    Web I/O generates alarms from supervised equipment in real time.

  • Product documentation is one thing. Contact with our pre-sales team to witness a demonstration of our industrial solutions is another. Contact our services and we will show you how we communicate with devices from a range of PLC, probe and IoT solutions vendors.

  • L’opérateur, via son navigateur internet et selon son profil, dispose d’une vision instantanée de son parc d’équipements.

    Il prend connaissance des valeurs significatives des différents organes sous contrôle, des dernières alarmes, des consommations, des informations de comptage et de débit.

    Il peut analyser ces données au travers de diverses courbes comparatives.

    Le portail met à disposition des applications tierces les données appropriées (historiques, temps réels, valeurs courantes, données brutes) au bon moment et à la bonne application (B.I rapports, ERP, Hypervision, Big data,…).



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